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The TradingView platform

The TradingView analytics platform offers technical analysis tools for the cryptocurrency and stock markets. Several dozens of chart types with customization options, technical indicators, screeners, signals, heatmaps, etc. are available in TradingView. TradingView also offers a social platform for communication between traders. Let's look at all of TradingView's features in detail.
TradingView offers a large selection of customizable charts. Twelve types of interactive charts are available - Linear, Japanese Candlesticks, Blank Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Linear Breakout, etc. There is a template of indicators and a market volume profile showing trading activity on the instrument.

Let's list the main features of TradingView charts:
more than 50 graphical tools;
more than 10 functions of accounting of statistical indicators of trades
mode of "pulling" to drawing objects
fixation and hiding of drawing objects
chart color management, deletion/addition of price lines
analysis of trading instruments on several timeframes
a system for identifying candlestick patterns
tool for determining the Fibonacci levels with auto correction
access to extended session data on intraday charts
data export

Customizable Trading View charts - build your own chart

Overview of the customizable technical dashboards of TradingView

Graphic Analysis Toolbar
In the left vertical panel there is a large set of various tools to draw different lines and figures on the chart, to make marks, etc.

Let's analyze them in order, from top to bottom:

- cursor type (dot, arrow or cross);
- Lines (horizontal, vertical, rays, channels);
- "advanced" analysis tools (Fibonacci lines and arcs, Gann fan, etc.);
- tools for drawing various graphical figures (triangle, square, curve, etc.);
- tools for text marks, arrows, flags, etc.;
- patterns ("head and shoulders", Elliott waves, etc.);
- forecasting and risk calculation tools;
- various icons, pointers;
- tool of detailed analysis of a selected fragment;
- tools of scaling the selected fragment;
- magnet mode;
- drawing mode;
- blocking of all drawing tools;
- mode that allows you to hide everything drawn on the graph;
- synchronization of drawings for all graphs;
- tree of objects on the chart;
- deletion of all graphical elements.

The right vertical panel (Tools).
Various auxiliary tools are located here.

Thus, in the upper horizontal part you can choose the arrangement of charts. Buttons with "clouds and arrows" allow you to save the chart together with all its settings, as well as load any of the previously saved ones.

Let's look at the contents of the right vertical panel in order (from top to bottom):

- information about the selected asset and the latest news directly or indirectly related to it;
- The "alarm clock" gives the possibility to manage alerts;
- Data Window - data about the price of the asset (opening, closing, minimum, maximum);
- economic calendar;
- trading ideas manager;
- general chats;
- private chat;
- notifications;
- communication with the support service.

Bottom horizontal panel
Here are also some useful features of the platform, including notepad, script editor (Pine Editor), trading panel (Trading Panel) with the choice of one of several brokers, strategy tester. Also the function of quick screenshots and "social buttons" (Twitter and StockTwits) are implemented here. In addition, as already mentioned, in the right corner there is a function to publish an idea (Publish Idea).
About TradingView Ideas
Also one of the most popular features of TradingView. It allows you to watch trading ideas of other people and create your own.

If you select All ideas, the chart will become dotted with many colored dots:

- A green dot means an idea for the growth of the price of an asset;
- yellow - a sideways movement (flat) or some general advice;
- red - an idea for a downward price movement.
If you put the mouse cursor over any of the points, a brief description of the idea will pop up; if you click on a point, a detailed description of the trading idea by its author will appear.

The blue arrow on the right is designed to return to the idea after some time and "scroll" through the price movement to see if the trader's prediction came true or not.

To share your trading idea with others, you need to click Publish Idea in the lower right corner (another option - Publish Private Idea - gives you the opportunity to publish your idea, which will be available only to yourself).
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